Furniture Delivery to Australia

Furniture Delivery to Australia

When planning a move to Australia you will almost certainly send some personal effects clothes possibly any furniture or even your entire household content. Thats when you need to find a professional international relocation company to be able to answer all your questions and work with you to arrange shipping to Australia on time and within your budget.

Your goods will travel in a freight container to Australia. Freight container for household items is delivered in three 20 and 40 high cube. Your goods will be shipped in a single user container or by sharing a container service.

Usually if you ship the entire contents of a 3 4 or 5 bed house you either need a 20 or 40 freight container. Smaller deliveries will be sent on part of a container service. The stock container is cost effective for smaller amounts of household items and personal effects because you only pay for the space your goods occupy in the container.

Cost of shipping to Australia

Prices for shipping to Australia are dependent on the amount of furniture household items and personal items you have to move. International transport companies measure the objects and work out the volume in cubic feet or cubic meters. Prices are then based on how much space your goods will pick up in the freight container. Other factors affecting the cost of removal and shipping to Australia are the amount of export packing required cost of shipping freight and customs clearance and delivery agency costs in Australia. Prices also take into consideration the level of service whether you need a packing service or packing yourself whether you need a packing service or direct delivery to the rooms you have specified. You may need a special crating service parking hitches step lifts transport vehicles all these costs will be included in your removal listing.

AQIS Quarantine Fees and Fees

Most international removal companies do not include AQIS Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service fees in their quotation. This fee is paid locally in Australia the reason for this is that it is not a fixed fee and may vary depending on your individual delivery and AQIS decision.

Quarantine inspection fees are based on an inspection time of

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