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Build a Bee Hotel

submitted by Louise in County Durham

With the Honey Bee suffering from Veroa mite Colony Collapse Disorder, the Solitary bees are becoming more and more important as pollinators. But they are finding it increasingly difficult to find suitable places in which to rear their young, owing to modern building materials. While there may be plenty of food, there is nowhere for them to nest ... that is, until Bee Hotels are erected. Bee Hotels should be placed on a south or east-facing wall, which receives sun (never put one on a North facing wall - it will not be used).
The soliary bees do not sting - but keep the Bee Hotel out of reach of children who may disturb them.


To construct a bee hotel, you will need a wooden post (480 x 75 x 75mm) and a wooden plank (760 x 125 x 20mm). Cut the post into four equal sections and the plank in to four equal sections too (but cut at an angle so they can be fitted together to make a box-like-frame). Drill entrance holes (9 per post) in the posts. They should have a diameter of 7 - 8mm and be drilled to about 100mm deep (do not go all the way through). The frame should then be fastened securely to the wall.
The four posts will then slot snugly and not require any fixing. Voila!

Bee Hotel

This information is reproduced by kind permission of CONE
Cramlington Organisation for Nature and the Environment ),
WEB (Wildlife and the Environment in Blyth) and BUZZ.

If you would rather buy a nest box check out the
who supply Nester Kits designed specifically for Red Mason Bees (Osmia rufa),
Blue Mason Bees (Osmia coerulescens), Bumblebees (Bombus spp) & Ladybirds.
They also supply Bat Boxes.

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