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Asparagus beetle ( Crioceris asparagi)
Photo By Impy Garden of England

Asparagus beetle ( Crioceris asparagi)

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The beetles and their grubs feed on (vegetable) asparagus foliage and bark.
They do not attack ornamental varieties.

The adults are 6-8mm long, with black head and abdomen, a red/brown thorax and have six yellow patches on their wing cases.

The larvae pupate in the soil and the beetles emerge in May - June to lay lines of black eggs on the spears and foliage.

There are two generations a year between May and September.

The best way to control this pest is by hand, removing the beetles and larvae from plants, keep your eyes open from May onwards.

It is a good idea to burn the old stems in late autumn to kill overwintering adults.

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