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Kereru ,NZ Pigeon (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae novaeseelandiae)
Photo By Gill Russell, BOI,NZ

Kereru ,NZ Pigeon (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae novaeseelandiae)

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Photographed here by Gill in her garden dining on Loquads.

This large (50cm) Pigeon, lives in the the lowland forests of New Zealand.
Regretably its numbers are in slow decline. Once hunted for feathers and meat, the Kereru is now a protected species, but numbers continue to fall due to loss of habitat and predation by possoms, cats and rats.

Although long lived the Kereru is slow to breed, producing only one egg in spring/summer.

The Kereru is important to the survival of several species of Native trees ( e.g. Karaka, Taraire & Miro) which since the extinction of the Moa now depend on the Kereru alone to disperse their seeds; as it is the only remaining species with a bill large enough to eat their fruits.

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