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Eastern Rossella (Platycercus eximius)
Photo By Myra Onerahi, Whangarei, New Zealand

Eastern Rossella (Platycercus eximius)

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The Rossella eats seeds, fruits, buds, flowers, nectar and insects.
They feed mainly on the ground and can often be seen on lawns, pastures and in other clearings, but also feed in trees and bushes.

The female finds and prepares the nesting site, usually a hollow in a tree.
The Male's role is to feed the female while she
incubates the eggs on a bed of decayed wood bed.

The Eastern rosella is endemic to south-eastern Australia. It was introduced to New Zealand and records show feral populations in Dunedin around 1910.
It is known that a ĎA small shipment released
from a ship off Otago Heads in c. 1910, after entry refused by Customs Deptí

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