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Squirrel - Albino
Photo By Impy The Garden of England

Squirrel - Albino

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Albino squirrel. Little information is available about the frequency of Albinos in the squirrel population as a whole, but a item in the Scottsman (April 21st 2006) by Angie Brown throws some light on the matter...

Under the banner 'Rare albino squirrel is thriving in urban jungle' Angie Wrote

"A RARE albino squirrel has given birth to a pure white baby for what is thought to be the first time in Scotland.

Albino squirrels normally do not survive long enough to breed - their colouring makes them easy targets for predators. But experts believe the birth, in Livingston, West Lothian, proves the rodents can adapt to an urban environment."

Well let's hope so ...

We had a link to the story but it's no longer working :(

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