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Penguin, Humboldt
Photo by Psilo,Bolton,UK

Penguin, Humboldt

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Humboldt penguins are found along the coast of Peru and Chile in the Humboldt current, which flows north along the west coast of the Americas. They live on rocky mainland shores, especially near cliffs, or on coastal islands. They are very social birds and can be found in relatively large colonies Height 15-18 inches (38-45 cm) They live on a diet of fish, especially anchovies, herring and smelt. Humboldt penguins can breed at any time of the year with sexual maturity being reached between 2 and 7 years old. Nests are made in caves, cracks or holes and occasionally in more open sites such as a rocky shore. Females lay one or two eggs and the incubation period is approximately 40 days. Both parents take turns incubating the eggs. At times, only one chick survives because hatching is staggered and one chick may be smaller than another. When food is scarce the parents feed only the larger chick and the smaller chick quickly starves.

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