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Baboon (Papio cynocephalus)
Photo by Psilo,Bolton,UK

Baboon (Papio  cynocephalus)

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Photo taken Knowsley Safari Park July 2004

In the wild Baboons are from the sub saharan region where they live on the savannahs. Baboons have complex social structures with anywhere from 8 to 200 individuals per troop. They use at least 10 different vocalizations to communicate. Highly opportunist feeders they have a very varied diet including small mammals such as ground-nesting birds, hares, and even baby antelope. They will also eat roots, tubers, and even crustaceans or other marine life near the shore.
Sexual maturity is reached at 5 years for the female and 8 years for the male. Males reach a weight of 59-97 lbs. Gestation is 6 months.
They are important in their natural environment not only serving as food for larger predators, but also aiding in seed dispersal due to their messy foraging habits. They are also efficient predators of smaller animals and their young, keeping some animals populations in check.

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