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Heron, Great blue (Ardea herodias)
Photo by Cynthia,USA

Heron, Great blue (Ardea herodias)

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The great blue heron is a widespread and well known bird in North America. It breeds throughout North and Central America, the Caribbean and Greater Antilles, and the Galapagos. Some populations also migrate to South America during the winter months.
They can be found on rivers, lake edges, marshes, saltwater shores, and swamps. It is the largest heron in the USA reaching almost 4 feet high and feeds on a diet of fish, frogs, salamanders, lizards, snakes, shrimps, crabs, crayfish, dragonflies, grasshoppers, and many aquatic insects.
The nest usually consists of an egg clutch between 3-7 eggs, with clutch size increasing from south to north. Chicks fledge at about two months.

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