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Wigeon, American (Anas americana)
Photo by Psilo,Bolton,UK

Wigeon, American (Anas americana)

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Photo taken Martinmere UK, May 04

Male and female.Breeding range is north west American but can be found extensively through the southern states during winter. Breeding habitat is on freshwater marshes, lakes, slow-moving streams, and ponds. In winter it can be found on coastal marshes,sheltered bays, and estuaries; shallow inland ponds and lakes and wet meadows. Its diet consists of leaves, stems, aquatic vegetation, insects and snails. The wigeon are monogomous. During the breeding season the nest is usually well-hidden among clumps of grass or shrubs. Seven to ten white eggs are laid, and are incubated by the female for 23 to 25 days. The male commonly abandons the female before incubation is completed. The young feed with the female for 37 to 48 days, when fledging occurs.

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