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Owl, Tawny (Strix aluco)
Photo by Jaybee,Notts,UK

Owl, Tawny (Strix aluco)

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As big as a pigeon this owl is found widely spread across the UK though it is not found in Ireland. They are found mainly in deciduous and coniferous woodland, but will also live in farmland and gardens, parks and churchyards where there are suitable nest sites in large trees. The Tawny owl is a nocturnal bird so only comes out at night to feed roosting in evergreen shrubs such as holly and yew during the day. Its diet consists of small mammals and rodents, small birds, frogs, fish, insects and worms.
The male calls with a hooting ‘hooo-hoo-hooo’, which is far-carrying. Female usually replies with a hoarser hoot. Also a ‘ke-wick' call.

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