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Build a Bird Feeder - by Menybirds
Menybirds shows us how he built his bird feeder
By: Menybirds 
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Materials List For Bird Feeder Vinyl Blind Box Or any clear plastic tube Dowel Rod (6mm) Plastic Plumbing Pipe 1 1 (20 30mm) Picture Hanging Cord or Wire Tacks Glue (I used a Hot Melt Glue Gun) Large Plastic Milk Carton (for filling funnel) Tools: Marker Pen, Scissors, Hacksaw, Hole Punch, Glue Gun, Hammer, & Cutters, craft knife.
Measure and cut the clear box to the length you desire. In this case I left the bottom of the box on. Stand box upright and punch two holes for the hanging wire about (12mm) from the top.
Using the hacksaw cut the plumbing tube at 45 to make as many feeding hole covers as you will need for your feeder.
Take the covers and lay them out where you want them for your feeder. Mark the hole areas where the cover will be fitted. Remember to make the hole smaller than the cover so you will have glue space, and the feed will not over-fill and fall out.

Cut out the feed holes.

Design, Photos & Text by Menbirds

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