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Concrete leaves
A step-by-step guide how to make them.
By: Paulien 
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This is what you need: - A ready to use concrete mix* (it only requires water) - Sharp sand - An old bucket - A small shovel or trowel - A watering-can - Latex or plastic disposable gloves - Big leaves with large veins like e.g. Rhubarb, Gunnnera, Inula, Curcubita or even large maple-leaves. - If making very large leaves you will also need some wire netting for reinforcement
* This is a general purpose 'repair' type concrete with small stones.
Make a pile of sharp sand, add water if it is too dry because otherwise the pile will shift (it's a bit like making a sandcastle...)
The higher you make the pile, the deeper your leaf will become. When you want the leaf to be a bird-bath, it has to be deeper than when you want to plant it with Sempervivum.
If you want the leaf to be flat, you can use a little or no sand at all.
You have to inspect the leaf; if it has holes or splits in it, you should repair them with tape (on the upper-side of the leaf). Otherwise they will become bulges in the concrete leaf.
Lay the leaf upside down on the pile of sand. Make sure the top of the pile is in the middle of the leaf.

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