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Chelsea Flower Show 2006
By: Ali 
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The Pavillion was very busy! Lots of lovely plants on display. One of my favourite displays were these clematis! They looked stunning. Shown off to perfection. They were growing over arch ways and in huge containers, which gave me an idea for my own patio.
The Isle of Wight lavendar garden was another I liked. The scent was wonderful as you can imagine. A simple idea with huge impact! Giving me another idea for my garden!! I just need to find a half of a wooden rowing boat now.
I liked this one too. Apologies here because I can't recall its name or who the exhibiters were. This circular window looked wonderful. I asked Claire and Isabel to go and stand in the centre so that they were framed.
The RHS Rosemoor garden was another favourite! I loved the planting here. The foxgloves looked brillaint, native plants being shown off at their best!!

My verdict on Chelsea. The afternoon soon whizzed by and before we knew it, sadly, it was time to leave. Again, a good thing we had Claire, as the District and Circle lines were still closed. However she worked out how to get us back to Paddngton and even picked up an Australian tourist on the way! He was lost, he said, had only been in the country two days, had been to Chelsea, (as it turned out he knew the Aussie exhbitors) and needed to get back to Paddignton, could we help him? His trip included a tour of Europe, ending in Greece for his neice's wedding!! Anyway Chelsea was great!! Everything and more than I hoped it would be! I did go with mixed feelings, as some said 'you will love it' and others 'you will be disappointed'. I did love it and wasn't disappointed. I will go again, the only thing I would do differently, is go for the whole day! Half a day really isn't enough, I know I didn't see all of it. What makes Chelsea special?? Well I still have to work that out! Maybe it's seeing it all on the TV, getting there and recognising all of it, I don't know, but it was special. A perfect afternoon. We left Chelsea at 7.15, arrived home at 8.30!! I am convinced Claire goes to London in her spare time and travels the underground!! A big thanks to her. The photo's used in this report are not all mine I have used some that Claire took on her camera too.

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