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Chelsea Flower Show 2006
By: Ali 
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The Cancer Reasearch garden designed by Andy Sturgeon, looked much better in 'real life' than on the TV! The 'structure' did look huge but some how not out of place. I could imagine sitting in this garden relaxing with a glass of wine! The garden has 3 main elements, stay out of the sun, hence the 'structure' keep healthy, 'the swimming pool', which being a swimmer you could just about swim a decent length in and the planting, which consisted of herbs. and edible fruits as well as flowers!
The Jurassic Park Coast Garden, was stunning. It created a lot of interest. The planting style was a mixture of tree ferns and exotic plants as well as primroses and other more 'common' English planting. In amongst the paving were original 'fossils' from the Jurassic era. An altogether impressive garden and one which all four of us liked a lot. This photo 'shows off' the seating in the garden which is based on the 'ammonite' fossil, reflecting its spiral shape.
We bumped into a few famous people, Claire and Isabel saw Charlie Dimmock, Helen and I saw Alan Titchmarsh and Joe Swift in the BBC presentation box. But the only garden designer happy to talk about his/her design was Chris Beardshaw! He was answering everybody's questions, signing autographs and allowing folks to have their photo's taken with him, including Claire and myself!!
This was Chris Beardshaws garden. It was beautiful, to me everything a garden should be!! His inspiration came from Gertrude Jekyll and Thomas Mawson, 2 influential garden designers from the Victorian/Edwardian era. Parts of this garden are to be used in a restoration project Chris is involved in. To restore 15 acres of garden at Boveridge House in Dorset to their original formal glory. Hope it is televised!! This garden won a gold medal and also received the 'BBC people's award', where by the 'public' vote for their favourite garden. Needless to say this was my choice. One of the things I liked about this garden, was the way Chris had left the wheelbarrow and garden tools around, giving the impression the gardener had gone for a 'tea break'.

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