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Budapest Botanical Gardens
Out in the cool at last ...
By: Clive B 
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Obviously early September is not the the best time to visit the gardens as many of the flowering plants are past their best but there was still quite a lot to see, the labeling of trees and shrubs is a bit patchy, but have since discovered that the entire garden has been mapped into the BG database so I am sure the University know where & what everything is!
Despite the hot summers, lacking our Maritime climate the temperature in a Hungarian winter can fall to -20°, so I was more than a little suprised to find these planted in the ground rather than containers - but I'm sure the OGG Brugmansia-fancias can put me straight about just how hardy these can be !
I was particularly taken with this tree - if I had ever seen one before it didn't have those lovely seed pods at the time.
It's an Albizzia julibrissin durazz, a member of the Fabaceae family (Formerly called Leguminosae).
I have since learnt that it relative of Mimosa and is also known as a Japanese Silk tree or NEMUNOKI and that it is used in Chinese Medicine as a 'Herbal Prozac'. It has beautiful feathered flowers from June to July. If I ever get a big enough garden...
We only discovered that there was a large Arboretum in district 23 of Budapest after we got home - ho hum, never mind something to see next time we go.

H-1238 Budapest, XXIII. ker. Péteri major
Tel.: +36 1 287 2432
There are some more great pictures from the Botanical Gardens here
János Scheffer Web Gallery

The Gardens do not have a web-site but here is the address
H-1083 Budapest, Illés u. 25.
Budapest, Hungary
tel: +36 1 314 0535

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