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Burton Agnes Hall and gardens
My visit - July 2004
By: psilo 
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Another plant that flowers well during the month of July is the Penstemon. There are many of them in the walled garden and they are all clearly marked. Here there are all colours to be found from the purest white through blush pink to the deepest of plum purple. Not only were there the many large flowered hybrids on show but you could also see many of the smaller flowered species Penstemons too. They are all grown in great swathes and provide a wonderful rich and quite exotic splash of colour. If you love Penstemons then you will love this garden.
It was difficult to tell when looking at the borders whether there was any intention of a colour scheme as there seemed to be bright colours just about everywhere you looked. Maybe it was just the month for the hot coloured flowers to come into their own. Crocosmia, Dahlias, Monardas and Day lilies were just a few of the plants that were heating up the borders.
One of the most prolific and beautiful plants that grows in abundance is the clematis. This is a real favourite of mine and I was delighted not only to see that there were so many of them but that many were mature plants simply dripping with flowers. Whereever there was a fence you would find a clematis scrambling over, whether in bright sun or shade. One beauty that I did find was C. Sieboldii (photo) This was growing in semi shade. I reckon this must be the best place for it as the sun hadnít bleached its deep purple colour. I fell in love with it there and then. I do not grow this one yet, but I soon will!
In total I spent about an hour and a half at Burton Agnes but in all honesty you could easily spend many more hours there. There is also a shade and woodland garden that I didnít visit because I didnít have time.
I enjoyed the gardens very much. Its mixture of formal and informal, old tradition and fun gave the gardens a more contemporary feel to it. The rooms, accessed through rose grown arches were small and cosy and left you guessing and wanting to see more. It holds an extensive range of plants and is very well maintained. Most importantly there are also well stocked plant sale benches selling many of the plants grown in the gardens, as well as a cafť where you can put your feet up and relax at the end of a very tiring but highly enjoyable day.
Burton Agnes Hall and gardens has a very interesting history. For further information visit:
Burton Agnes

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