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  • The OGG seed swap is open to all. If you have seeds to offer, or are looking for seeds, simply add them to the section you feel most appropriate. If you have seeds to swap you will be given the option of how long you want your offer to be displayed, if you are looking for seeds, your entry will expire after 28 days. In either circumstance you will be sent an email confirming your entry and giving you a facility to remove your entry at any time. You will also be sent a mail when your entry expires.
    Your email address will remain hidden until such a time that you choose to respond to a request.

  • If you have seeds to swap, information on growing them and the plants would be helpful. You may post hyperlinks to existing details elsewhere if this is easier.

  • Most countries have at least some restrictions on the import and export of plant materials. Below are some links which may be of use when swapping seeds with other countries. It is advisable to clearly mark the seeds as to what they are in all circumstances, and in some circumstances the easiest way to find out whether import/export restrictions apply is to try sending them. If you have problems sending seeds from one country to another, please email the webmaster and let us know so we can put the information here. If you know of links to seed import and export regulations relating to your country that we haven't included below please let us know about those as well.

    UK Plant Import Regulations
    Australian Import Regulations

    Information for Canadian imports and exports can be got from -
    Export - Import Section
    Plant Health and Production Division
    Canadian Food Inspection Agency
    Tel (613) 225-2342 ext 4351
    Fax (613) 228-6626

    New Zealand and North America are known to be very strict with imports and exports, currently we have no precise imformation.

    Seed import and export is fairly free within the EU (European Union), but never the less there are likely to be some restrictions on certain plants.

  • The owners and proprietors of Over the Garden Gate cannot accept any responsibility for any problems relating to transactions and swaps between users, or with Customs authorities. Whilst we can provide you with the facility, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure they stay within the laws of their country, and if contacting someone you don't know, normal precautions should be taken

Quick Guide
Swapping seeds around the world can be problematical due to the large number of differing restrictions.

Seeds should be picked straight from the plant, should not have touched the soil, and be free from pests, diseases and fungal spores.

Seeds should be well packed and clearly marked with the type of seed, their origin and the intended use (try making your own seed packets  ).
Customs authorities can then easily judge whether the import is permissable. This way even if seeds don't make it to their final destination, there shouldn't be any legal come back. However, please do try to check for any regulations before sending seeds

All UK Post Offices have a book of regulations which will tell you what you can export to various countries - other countries probably have something similar.

Generally, you shouldn't encounter problems swapping seeds with people in your own country.

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