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This is one of my all-time favorite board games. It was invented in the 1970's by Eric Solomon and sold as a board game by Wadingtons in 1976.

The object of the Game is to find hidden "Atoms" by shooting "Rays" into a Matrix.
A Ray marker is placed in the margin to show what happened.
If a Ray directly hits an Atom - it is absorbed (shown by a Black Marker).
Some Rays are reflected back, these are shown by White Markers.
Some Rays are deflected one or more times inside the matrix and exit somewhere else - these are marked by coloured pairs.

How Atoms affect Rays...
Marker A shows a Ray from square 9 absorbed when it hits Atom 1
Marker B shows a ray from 3 was deflected Atom 1 and then by Atom 2
C shows a ray starting at 21 refelected back on itself by Atoms 1 & 3
D marks a ray reflected into the margin Atom 2

There is a very detailed entry in Wikipedia.

To play, click on a numbered square in the margin to shoot a Ray.
Coloured markers appear to show you what happend to your ray.
As you build up a picture of where the atoms are hidden, you can set markers to help you visualise the solution by clicking on a square in the matrix. To remove a marker - just click on it again.
When you think you know where the Atoms are - place markers and Click "Done".
You score 1 for each Ray Marker and 5 for each Atom you get wrong - so a low score is better.

The Original Board Game had an 8 by 8 Playing Area and was a Two Player Game.
In this version you play aginst the computer, which generates games at random, you can define the size of the playing area and the number of hidden "Atoms".
There are also a few pre-defined practice games you can try by choosing one from the drop down list.

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