"Mind your Step", I heard her cry
    Still, small voice as I stepped by
        "For you don't know who's hiding there"                    For many days I looked around
            "Spare a thought and please take care"                        But couldn't see who made the sound
                                                                                                        I watched my step and trod with care
                                                                                                            But couldn't see who hid out there.

                One day I stepped so carefully
                           She didn't see or even hear me
                                     That was the first of many sights
                                                Of garden fairies to delight!

                                                                                         Watch carefully now and you might see
                                                                                                My fairy friends who visit with me.

The bottom of the garden's a favourite spot.
Here they play and dance a lot!
Webs of gossamer woven tight
Make trampoline fun for this little mite!
The perfect place to dance and sing
It has to be a fairy ring!
With flowers bright it's hard to see
What's flower, what's fairy, oh dear me!
A shady spot - what's that I spy?
An elf on snailback slithering by!
The little folk get all over the place
Here's a favourite resting place!

I hope you've enjoyed the garden tour
When I find the time I'll post some more!

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