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Hampton Court Flower Show - 5th July 2000 (continued)

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Chevy Chase

This new vigorous red climber is perhaps a must have (that’s Neesie getting in the way). I shall be keeping an eye out for it. One of the nice things about Hampton Court, is that you can pretty much buy anything you see that you like (money permitting). However, with being parked so far away we had to resist the temptation of buying anything as big as a rose! I’ll put this on my wish list!

Graham Thomas

I think Graham Thomas was voted Rose of the Year or something, thus this big display. Please excuse the radioactive alien to the left of the pic – I don’t know what he ate for breakfast Wink

Gertrud Jekyl

This pink beauty is Gertrud Jekyl, what a pretty scent!

Rosemary Harkness

Here’s Rosemary Harkness. Fran told us she went to school with Rosemary Harkness – the real one, not the rose. I asked her if the rose resembled the person….

These one’s appealed too – they are “Pensioner’s Voice”.

Pensioner’s Voice

The camera does not do justice to the next display of three. They are all bronze varieties and look quite metallic in reality. At the top is Iris Webb, to the right is Edith Holden and in the foreground is Singing in the Rain.

Singing in the Rain, Edith Holden, Iris Webb

I always like to see something a bit different, and this red and white effort called Crazy for You certainly is. I think I could find a space for it!

Crazy for You

Just one more… We spotted this on the way out, in the “for sale” area. I didn’t actually see it in the displays anywhere, but it’s rather enticing and unusual too, it’s called Purple Tiger:

Purple Tiger

Ahhhh, that’s better! Very cheering.

Let’s go outside for a wander in the mud, a bite to eat and a “stand” under something waterproof! Some folks improvised for seating. The people running this wheelbarrow display were VERY tolerant!


See ya next page!

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