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Eden Project Visit
by  Karen

After an 8am breakfast in the hotel we were on the coach at 9-15am armed with camera and two packed lunches, as we had been advised that the queues for food at Eden were horrendous, and off we set, arriving at 10-20am.

Eden Project
The sight as we got of the coach was unbelievable. My first impression was of giant bubble wrap! We went on to walk the 15 minute walk to the bottom, but the path zigzagged down so you didn't notice the walk down and the visitors centre is half way down, where we stopped (for the much needed loo!) also the gift shop is there as well.

On reaching the biomes we went first to the Mediterranean one this one isn't quite as established yet but there is still plenty to see with Citrus, Olives and Fig Trees, and the biggest Tomato bushes full of flower. There is also Bird of Paradise, Chilli Peppers, Grapes, Prickly Pear and Saffron to name but a few, plus some unusual sculptures of animals.

Eden Sculptures

And then it was across the bridge which joins the two Biomes to the Tropical Rain Forest Biome with the temperature in there of 30 degrees Centigrade! Where do I start to describe what grows in there - Coconuts, Pineapples, Rice of many types, Liquorice, Sugar Beet, Angels Trumpets, Monkey Puzzle Trees and Eucalyptus to name but a few. But the highlight of the Biome is the waterfall which starts at the top and runs right through the forest to a pool at the bottom. We followed the path which takes you past the Malaysian house and up to the top where the waterfall starts and the view was tremendous. This Biome took us 2 hours to walk round which was enough for us because of the heat, but there was a cool house halfway round which is air conditioned for people to go and sit in. A little extra whilst we were in there we saw Rolf Harris with some other people painting and it was being filmed.
Flamingo flowers and Malaysian house

Flamingo flowers
Malayisan house

We could never describe it to you fully and we hope that the photos and this little article will give you a taste but I can assure you it is well worth going and as for the packed lunch we were very glad of it as we wouldn't have wanted to waste precious time queuing for food. We both went back to the hotel tired after what had been a most memorable day and we will be going back again in a few years as the experience can only get better

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