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Chelsea Flower Show 1999 (cont)
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OrangesideI was most impressed by the much acclaimed Channel 4 exhibit, which comprised steep banks of flowers with a trickling water feature at the top. Impossible to water in reality, and even more difficult to "dead head", but it was pretty.!Whiteside

There were four sides to it, each having a different and well planned colour scheme. I could not move all the people away from the "red" side to get a decent pic, but I captured the other three
We encountered an exhibit where I did think genetic engineering had been taken a little too far, but the effect was pleasing enough!

The main body of this plant is a "real" anthurium.


We browsed on to another couple of gardens which I thought worth a snap. The first is just really pretty and is what my front garden should look like!
PershoreThe second was called Pershore Cottage. It is a recreation of a UK World War II garden - the gas mask hangs from the door, always at the ready! Food shortages led to people being far more reliant on home grown produce and many flower borders were turned over to veg and fruit. This garden shows how these veg and fruit can actually be quite attractive, with beans for climbing plants and redcurrants for shrubs.
We dragged ourselves exhausted to the meeting point with Lynda, who had been busily shopping for all sorts. She was, again, easy to find, being one of the youngest people there! We chatted and Denise succumbed and bought a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice, having run out of supplies - a mere 1.60 - Gag! Gazebo

We reluctantly bade farewell to a tired Lynda and Denise and I set about doing some quick shopping of our own. We liked the look of this gazebo, and I include this pic for two reasons. Firstly, please note, the sky is STILL blue and the sun is shining! Secondly this young woman was chatting incessantly on her mobile phone, she would not move. While I was trying to take a picture of the gazebo without her presence, Denise was listening to her conversation. She was going on about people taking her picture all the time - hahahaha! See how she likes it being plastered over the internet!

We saw some pretty things in the shops, but really were too tired to look for long. We bought some beautiful t-shirts with butterflies on from the British Butterfly Conservation Soc. Good value and a good cause to boot!

We left the show just after 5pm, and to avoid the rush hour crush in central London (honest ;)), we adjourned to a pub for an hour for liquid refreshment and foot rest. We were a little peeved to note that Chelsea pub prices are actually cheaper than Basingstoke's! We left at 6.05pm, travelled by tube, train and taxi and walked into my house at 7.20pm. Congratulations to London Underground, South West Trains and Basingstoke black cabs! Amazing service!

A lovely and memorable day. I'm glad to have had the opportunity to document it for future reflection. I hope you've enjoyed sharing it!

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