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Chelsea Flower Show 1999 (cont)
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Next we looked at a beautiful peony display. We couldn't get at them sadly to see what the names were, that is a bit of a problem when everything is roped off.

Onwards to an alpine display which was really very enticing. I think these plants have fallen from fashion in the general garden today. Fortunately an avid bunch of enthusiasts fly their flag, and remind us of how beautiful, and in most cases easy to grow, these little darlings are:

These are the sort of fuchsias I would love to grow, if only I had the space. This plant (Carla Johnson) must have had a six foot "wing span"! If you have the space - do it!

I was pleased to see traditional plants like violas in abundance. Most of the ones on this display were hybrids and not available from seed. I expect we'll be seeing them in the seed catalogues in a few years time though.
OrangeMost of the "specials" were speckled/mottled. If they popped up in my garden I would suspect disease! We also observed a whole range of variegated nasturtiums which frankly looked like they had leaf miners! I suppose it is a matter of what one is used to seeing.

We were taken by a rose called "Oranges and Lemons". Now the pic doesn't look like it, but this rose actually IS orange and lemon! I think I could make room for this one and even fight its corner with the black spot!


We wandered, on and on and on..... through wonderful displays. Through daffodils reminding one of spring:

Summer delphiniums which looked misty and romantic in their profusion....
..... and so to bed....
which by now was looking really tempting, be it made of impatiens or not... Bed
.... to dream of what lay at the end of our rainbows, and in this case the rainbow itself (being constructed of orchids) was probably worth more than the usual old standard pot of gold!
Denise took this one, my finger got a rest!

More to come - only one more lot though!

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