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Chelsea Flower Show 1999 (cont)
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Lynda & Denise At the end of the avenue, we still hadn't found Lynda so we mounted a search. We found her coming out of a walk-through display of hanging baskets - hopefully she took some pics.

It was quite hot (well, to Denise and me it was) and lunchtime by now, so we decided to find some shade and eat. For once the ground wasn't completely wet and we found a very small spot in the long (damp) grass in the picnic area. Lynda's on the left, Denise on the right, I'm in front of them - hahahahaha! Yes, that is the sun STILL shining!
We took lunch with us, Chelsea prices are not funny!

After lunch Denise and I headed for the great marquee, Lynda fancied some serious shopping and couldn't stay too late because she had to pack ready for her departure next day. I scribbled down what I thought was probably my mobile phone number in case she couldn't find us 2 hours later at the agreed rendezvous point.

On the way to the marquee we spotted this little fellow:
He's a tree goblin sculpted impeccably in "tree"! I became enthusiastic until I read his 9000 price tag. If anyone gets lucky on the lottery and wants to buy me something "different".......

Into the great marquee - and this place IS "great"!Iceland Poppies I'd done it before and was able to explain to Denise that 2 hours was gonna be pushing it. From one end of the marquee, you cannot see the other. The first thing that greeted us as we walked in the door was a beautiful display of Iceland poppies: It was a similar display three years ago that persuaded me to never be without these gorgeous flowers. I bought a packet then, and have collected seed from those plants ever since. They are so delicate and bright and make wonderful cut flowers.

Chrysanths aren't something I do well with, but these encouraged me to keep trying:
How they get them to flower in May I do not know!

PelargoniumsI then spotted a display of regal pelargoniums. Denise recalled that I am not a fan of these and was puzzled by my interest. I am not a fan because they do not flower continuously or nearly enough for my liking. However, these were flowering and not mine, and therefore to my liking.
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