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Chelsea Flower Show 1999 (cont)
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We crossed over to a new "avenue". We lost Lynda. We viewed the gardens, Lynda did some different bits and when her pics are developed, perhaps there'll be some new stuff to add in here. Right now she's over the planet somewhere travelling home to New Zealand.

Hope Springs EternalThis is "Hope Springs Eternal" and so it does, as Manchester United have taught us so well. You can probably guess my opinions of this by now! I did, however, think that the little river running down the middle might be excellent for playing "Pooh Sticks"!

On the right hand side of this garden was a plant - a shrub about 5 foot high - no label, anyone know what it is? Someone said it might be a handkerchief tree, but I don't know. They weren't "real" flowers in the normal sense though. Spot the blue sky STILL peeping through the leaves!

We looked around for Lynda. We didn't see her, but we observed the crowd a little. We like people watching! There were actually a lot of what I call the "Chelsea Show Type". They talk very posh and wear non-machine-washable clothes. I suppose that means they can both afford dry cleaning bills and actually like wool and such like against the skin?

Help the AgedI liked the next one because of its message, though the pic doesn't portray it too well.

It is the World Life Garden for "Help the Aged", a UK charity that assists the elderly in many ways. The focus is on low maintenance gardening. Lots of resting places, plants that can be tended without too much bending, no lawns to mow. Saucers under those pots would help to cut down the number of watering sessions though!

We strolled on. We heard a lady behind us with the "right voice for the day" say "I'll be so glad when we move to our smaller garden, I'll feel that I can really make something of it then". Gaaaah! Chelsea's "theme" gardens are small because of the lack of space, not because the designers lack imagination, ability to work on larger plots, or are afraid of doing too much work. I suppose the lady was a "good" Chelsea customer!

A reclaimed gardenTo our last(ish) garden exhibit - "A reclaimed garden". No muddy feet when the ground's wet when one needs to hang out the washing, but no washing line either. Pretty though!

More soon.

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