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A Journey through Beth Chatto's Garden (continued)

Cream Rododendron This was a cream Rhododendron with purple throat and a sprinkle of orange in the purple. Hmmmm. Looks nice from this distance, anyway. Really nice shading to the unopened buds, too.
Brunnera in the woodland. Mine will never please me again! I need lots more shade in my little garden!!! Brunnera
Peony As you can tell, we didn't find lots of things labeled in the gardens. We decided this must be a single peony or close relative. The foliage was a lovely dusky green with cream edges and the single flowers were just lovely.
This is the avenue near the entrance of the gardens. Lovely and shady and green, but with great splashes of colour. So, the clouds were threatening and the queues in the nursery were long and there was no tea shop... but I didn't see anyone not smiling!!! Avenue
Shade bed One of the many remarkable shade or semi-shade beds.
BLUE Corydalis!! Amazing! I bought some to go with my yellow. If it does HALF as well as the yellow I will be very pleased. Corydalis
Rhododendron A deep salmon rhododendron. Lovely colour, not one I see commonly.
I got some things I haven't seen a lot of elsewhere around here and I don't have any doubt these will survive (perhaps in spite of me!) and she only seemed to sell perennials, no flats of annuals, no shrubs. The gardens would be worth having a look at any season of the year. The Pawlonia tree might just about be coming on now!!
Just me headed for the car with an arm load of "Can't live withouts"! Judith

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