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Recipies Potions & Lotions
By Chris Evans

These "Recipes, Potions and Lotions" illustrate how to use all types of plants, both wild and cultivated.  All gardeners love to grow things, and sometimes, just sometimes, they grow more than they can possibly cope with!
They are split into categories for ease of browsing. 

Hedgerow Recipes - These are mainly gleaned from a pamphlet prepared by mum (Brenda Varley) and two friends many years ago for their local Naturalists' Society which is now defunct.   I am not advocating pillaging the hedgerows, but if you do have access to the ingredients I hope you enjoy trying them.

Herb Recipes - Recipes for using herbs to enhance your daily menu.

Glut Recipes - Here's a few suggestions for dealing with the annual excess of certain  vegetables.

Lotions and Potions (Remedies) - from colds to baldness!

Lotions and Potions (Cosmetic and other)

To submit your own material for inclusion, email it to: Webmaster.

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