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~ Herb Recipes ~

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Chervil Soup

2-3 tbsps butter ~ 2 tbsps flour

3 tbsps chopped chervil

1 pint vegetable stock

Salt ~ 1 tbsp cream

Saute chervil in butter.  Add flour, smooth with a little stock. Add hot stock and salt.  Cook for 20 minutes.  Liquidize and sieve if required. Add cream.

 Mint Sauce

1 teacup mint

pint vinegar

6 oz sugar

Boil sugar and vinegar.  Take off heat.  Add mint.  Bottle when cold.  Add more vinegar before use.


 Lovage Soup

2 onions ~ oz butter

  oz flour ~ 1 pint stock

pint milk - 2 tbsps chopped lovage

1tbsp chopped parsley. 

 Simmer all ingredients for 20 minutes.  Blend in liquidizer, sieve and reheat.

Parsley Soup

3-4 oz fresh chopped parsley

 1 oz flour ~ 1 oz butter

1 onion ~ 1 stalk of celery

1 pints stock

nutmeg ~ bay leaf

Chop parsley, including stems.  Melt butter, cook onion and celery for a few minutes.  Sprinkle in flour and mix well.  Pour on stock and bring slowly to the boil blending smoothly, add chopped parsley and salt, pepper, nutmeg, bay leaf.  Simmer for 25 minutes.  Serve as it is, or blend in liquidiser.

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