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Frost Zones Survey
by alex

UK Frost ZonesNote: From the outset I would like to make it quite clear the information is for guidance only, and may require slight adjustment to suit your own particular area.

What I have attempted to do is address a situation that, at least to my knowledge, has never been addressed before and that is to determine the affect that 'Frost' has on "sowing & planting times" in different parts of the UK.

Too often I have read in the Gardening Press, seen on TV, or heard on the Radio, 'It is now time to sow or plant such and such a plant' This may be all very well for the area in which the reporter has gained his/her experience but to others it can be quite misleading.

In my research I found that much of the said (media) information seems to originate mainly from South of an imaginary line drawn from the mouth of the river Thames to the mouth of the river Severn, meaning that anywhere North of that imaginary line the information is less accurate.

Occasionally a reporter will give advice such as….
"those people living in the NORTH should sow a BIT later"

What I have set out to clarify is...
"where is NORTH" and how long is a "BIT"

UK Frost Zones

Method of Use
When one is either sending or receiving information they should indicate the 'Grid Reference from where they gained their information. This allows any third party looking in to use the same information. They do this simply by relating their grid reference to the source of the article(s)

Say a person in Grid ref G2 (value12) was giving advice to someone in Grid ref H8 (value 33) telling them that they would be planting out a particular plant variety (outside) on 1st May.

Using the map that person could then adjust the advice given by 21 days (33-12) or in other words they could plant approximately three weeks later i.e. circa 22nd May.

Similarly a third party residing in grid ref F7 (value 26) in picking up on the same advice could plant out that variety approximately two weeks later i.e. circa 15th May

As mentioned earlier this advice is for 'guidance' only, a few things that may affect the final result are as follows:-

  • 1) Each grid is approx 50 miles x 50 miles (2500sq.miles) meaning that people within the same grid reference can experience different weather situations for various reasons. e.g. it does not take into effect local terrain, Light, Shade, Wind, frost pockets etc.

  • 2) The effect of altitude & sea air has been considered to a limited degree.

  • 3) At the base of the map/grid I have indicated the dates I have used in determining the results. That is, Day 1 is 15th April (the earliest 'last frost date' that was submitted to me)

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