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Clematis - Montana 'Elizabeth'
Gill Bay of Islands NZ

Clematis  -  Montana 'Elizabeth'

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A fast growing and free flowering variety, will soon cover fences or screen sheds. Sweetly scented. H9m. Flowers April-June. Does well in any position. Pruning uneccessary but benefits from a 'hair cut' in June.

Plant deeply to avoid clematis wilt and if wilt occurs cut down to base and plant will shoot again the following season. Feed with bonemeal before and after flowering season, water copiously when in flower.

Methods of Propagating Clematis - Cuttings - Seed - Layering

Take stem cuttings 100to125mm(4"-5") long of half ripened wood in July ensure that there are two buds at the base. lnsert in a mixture of peat and sand (equal parts by volume) and place on a hot bed @15-18*C (60-65*F)

Pot the rooted cuttings singly into 70mm (3") pots of John Innes No1 potting compost (or similar). Overwinter in a frost free frame or greenhouse.

In spring pot on into 125mm(5") pots, and plunge outdoors.

Plant out in final quarters from October onwards.

Layered plants take approx 12 months to root.

Seed can be sown around October in pots/trays and placed in a coldframe until germination (normally by the following Spring)

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