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Spray Chrysanthemum - Rose Enn Bee Wedding
Photo by Alex W Yorkshire UK

Spray Chrysanthemum  -  Rose Enn Bee Wedding

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NCS.classification;- Section 29 - Sprays - (d) - Singles

Cultural notes

Cutting material:
From week 3 onwards, water then place previously boxed stools on hot bed set to maintain a soil temperature of around 15C.

Take 50-60mm long cuttings from week 8 onwards. Remove bottom leaves to expose approx 20-30mm of stem then insert into an equal parts by volume Peat/sand compost. (Hormone rooting powder/liquid is optional) place on hotbed maintaining a soil temperature of 15C.

Potting on:
Cuttings should take approx 2-3 weeks to root, then it is time to pot them up into 70mm pots of potting compost.

Harden off:
Place rooted cuttings in cold frame approx one week after initial potting up.

Plant out:
In pre-prepared beds 450mm apart (minimum) each way inserting a 1200mm cane along side and tie in.

Is best carried out over a three or four week period and completed by week 22. Stopping is done by nipping out the first 25mm of the growing tip (crown) this will encourage bushy plant growth and extend the flowering season.

After flowering, plants should be cut down to 100-150mm above soil level, lifted, and placed in boxes or trays of potting compost and stored in a frost free place until required. It is advantageous to remove all basal growth from around the base of the plant to induce a dormant period and any risk from botrytis.

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