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Arum Lily - Zantedeschia elliottiana
Photo by Alex W Yorkshire UK

Arum Lily  -  Zantedeschia elliottiana

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Arum Lily

Zantedeschia elliottiana has speckled leaves and aethiopica has plain green leaves.

These species may be grown as aquatic plants in a water depth of 150-300mm deep,
and as marginal plants at the side of a pool, or in a herbaceous border.

Cultural notes

Pot Plants

In Spring when growth appears, water moderately, gradually increasing the amount; until the plants are in full leaf then water copiously.

Feed weekly from May to August with a balanced liquid fertiliser.

aethiopica although evergreen, should he treated as a deciduous plant and dried off. Bring it back into the greenhouse in late September and pot up in fresh compost.

When flowering is over gradually withhold water, giving none to elliottiana after mid July.

When the leaves have turned yellow store the rhizomes in their pots under the greenhouse staging.

Repot in October or November, divide the rhizomes when repotting , potting the offsets seperately at the same time

Both species need a minimum winter temperature of 12C.

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