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Gladiolus hybrid - seedlings
Photo by Alex W.Yorkshire UK

Gladiolus hybrid - seedlings

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Gladioli originate from South Africa and are members of the Iris family iridaceae

The botanical genus name Gladiolus is from the Latin for a 'Small sword'

Classes / Flower sizes

Large flowered:- 100mm to 175mm across
Small-flowered or Butterfly group:-50mm to 100mm across.
Primulinus:- 50mm to 75mm across.
Miniature:- 35mm to 50mm across

Cultural notes

Planting Out:- Planting can start in March, in colder areas wait until early April.

Planting distances:- a simple way to work out suitable spacings is, divide the ultimate height of the plant by four, e.g. 3' high divided by 4 equals 9"

Gladioli must never want for water, particularly from the time the first flower spike shows. Give at least 1 gallon per four to six plants.

Lift the plants six weeks after the last flower fades. Allow them to dry for a few days then clean off surplus soil. Once cleaned, store the corms in a dry airy place, with a minimum temperature of 10C to 15C

n.b. This variety is unclassified.The spawn was purchased from a National Gladiolus Society member and has taken three years to flower

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