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Kangaroo Apple (Solanum laciniatum)
Photo By Paulien The Netherlands

Kangaroo Apple (Solanum laciniatum)

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Native to Australia.
Forms a large shrub up to 4 m high by 5 m wide.
It produces two types of leaves: juvenile leaves are large, lanceolate or irregularly lobed (300 * 250mm). Adult leaves are lanceolate and smaller (150mm * 25-50 mm wide)
Leaves have a dark green upper surface, the underneath is a lighter green.
The succulent stems turn black, then light-brown, with age.

It is fast growing, but relatively short-lived shrubs, living 5-6 years.

Cultivation details
Should succeed in a sunny position in most fertile soils. Survives to -7c in Australian gardens but is not very hardy in Britain.

Warning : All parts of the plant are poisonous
It is grown comercialy for steroid like chemicals used in the manufacture of Contaceptives.

There is some confusion / contraversy as to wether this is a true species or a tetraploid form of S. aviculare.

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