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Streptosolen Jamesonii
Photo by Chris, Hampshire, England

Streptosolen Jamesonii

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The Orange Firebush.

Cultural notes

Best grown in greenhouse or pots in a Conservatory.

Take 75mm cuttings of non flowering lateral shoots in March/April. Insert in equal parts (by volume) peat & sand and place in a propagator set to give a soil temperature of 18C.

When rooted pot up into 70mm pots of potting compost(equiv JI.1).
Pot on as necessary until final pot size(200-250mm diam).
Remove growing tip after first stage of potting up to encourage bushy growth.

These plants will require support at all stages of growth as they can grow to
around 3metres high.

Give a balanced liquid feed fortnightly from April to September.
Water freely in summer but sparingly in winter.

Temperatures: They require cool airy conditions in Summer and a minimum temperature of 7C in winter.

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