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Tulip (Tulipa) 'Carnival de Nice'
Photo by Madge, Hertfordshire, UK

Tulip (Tulipa) 'Carnival de Nice'

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One of the many varieties of tulips grown in temperate climates for their early-late Spring colour.
Need well drained soil in full sun. Will do well in deep window boxes.
Plant late Autumn - December for flowering April-May. 45cmH. Plant 10cm deep 10 cm apart.
Let leaves die down naturally, lift, dry, store and replant in late autumn.
(If grown in window boxes/tubs there is no need to lift - let leaves dry naturally and do not water or feed until next autumn then feed, replenish soil and grow on. Divide/replenish every 3-4 years.)
Protect from slugs and propagate by removing bulblets when lifted.

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