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Roscoea cauteloides
Impy Kent UK

Roscoea cauteloides

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Roscoea (Zingiberaceae)

Genus of late summer and early autumn flowering tuberous perennials,
related to ginger, grown for their orchid like flowers.

Is suited to open borders,rock gardens, and woodland gardens.

Frost hardy.

Grows in sun or partial shade and in cool, humus-rich soil that should
always be kept moist in summer.

Dies down in winter, when a top dressing of leaf mould or well
rotted compost is beneficial.

Propagate by division in spring or by seed in autumn or winter,
expose seed to frost for best germination.

Roscoea Cautleoides

Summer flowering tuber with erect,lance-shaped leaves that form
a stem like sheath at the base.

Has up to 5 long tubed yellow flowers each with a hooded upper petal,
and a broad 2 lobed lower lip plus 2 narrower petals.

Height 6-10 inchs, spread 4-6 inches.

The above information has been copied out of the RHS
Gardeners Encyclopedia - Plants and Flowers.

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