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Iris - cream
Photo by Kev, Dorset, UK

Iris - cream

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Cultural notes

The Beardless Iris - Sibiricae

These require an open sunny position, and will grow in most garden soils providing it is lime free.
They may also be grown as marginal plants at the edges of pools.

Plant out in October.

Prior to planting out dig in well rotted manure or compost, then apply bonemeal at the rate of 4 oz. per sq. yd.
Plant the rhizomes facing in such a manner that each rhizome receives the maximum sunshine. Plant firmly, with the top of the rhizomes just showing above soil level. To prevent wind rock or excessive transpiration trim the leaves by about half. Donít let them dry out before becoming established.

In March fork in a general fertilizer that is low in Nitrogen at a rate of 2-4oz / sq yd.

Deadhead the flowers regularly during the flowering season.

Divide the rhizomes when they become overcrowded after flowering or in September ensuring that each transplant has at least two fans.

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