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Further Information Indicates further information and cultural notes aimed at the novice gardener to give them an insight into cultivating the plant. Any further cultural information required may be obtained by asking questions in the Forum.
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Plant Name Photo by Further Information
Anemone de Caen Alex W.Yorkshire UK   -
Armeria caespitosa (plumbaginaceae) Bevan's Variety Dennis, Inverness, Scotland   Further Information
Aubretia Kev, Dorset, UK   -
Aubretia deltoidea Alex W.Yorkshire UK   -
Campanula carpatica Alex W.Yorkshire UK   -
Cassiope wardii - Edinburgh Alex. W. yorks. UK   -
Erica erigena - W.T. Rackliff Alex. W. Yorks UK   -
Erodium Castellanum Psilo,Bolton,UK   -
Erodium Castellanum (foliage) Psilo,Bolton,UK   -
Erodium County Park Psilo,Bolton,UK   -
Gentiana verna (mature plant) Photo By IanNI   -
Heather - Erica erigena - W.T.Rackliff Alex W.Yorkshire UK   -
Heather - Erica erigena - WT Rackliff Alex W.Yorkshire UK   -
Lewisia bowellii Alex. W.Yorks UK   -
Lewisia bowellii Alex W. Yorks UK   -
lithops and conophytums in flower Photo By norman suffolk   Further Information
Mexican Hen / Hen and Chicks (Echeveria Shaviana 'Pink Frills') Photo By Ali Reading, Berks   -
Muscari & Heather Alex. W.Yorks UK   -
Oxalis enneaphylla Alex W.Yorkshire UK   -
Phlox subulata - Ralph Heywood Alex W. Yorks UK   -
Saxifraga oppositifolia - Splendens Alex W.Yorkshire UK   -
saxifraga pixie Kev, Dorset, UK   -
Sisyrinchium brachypus Kev, Dorset, UK   -
Sisyrinchium 'Californian Skies' Alex W.Yorkshire UK   Further Information
Viola odorata - Sweet violet Alex W. Yorks UK   -


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