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 What's up Guys? Alex Martin - Sun, 12 Nov 17:05
What's up Guys? Heather - Sat, 3 Feb 07:11

What's up Guys? Date: Sun, 12 Nov 17:05
Author: Default User IconAlex Martin Location: The Secret Garden Profile
This site seems to have gone quiet is there a prob;em?

What's up Guys? Date: Sat, 3 Feb 07:11
Author: Custom IconHeather Location: Christchurch, New Zealand Profile
I know it's an old post Alex but I was going through my seeds the other day and came across the packet of Nemophilia you sent me years ago. I treasured your gift and you come to mind when I see the seedlings flower each year. As you put in the note you sent with them "Seeds shared between friends are precious". I couldn't agree more.

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