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 Close the Gate Dee - Sat, 6 May 09:34
Close the Gate Kate Parkin - Thu, 11 May 11:50
Close the Gate Passiflora - Wed, 24 May 13:48

Close the Gate Date: Sat, 6 May 09:34
Author: Default User IconDee Location: Mid Suffolk Profile
I have decided that time has come for me to enter the Garden for the last time.
I can't find a Reply button for existing posts older than a couple of days, so I will close the gate behind me, and remember the very nice people I met in this garden,

Good Bye and Good Health to you all


Close the Gate Date: Thu, 11 May 11:50
Author: Default User IconKate Parkin Location: Dalton In Furness Profile
Yes, it has become increasingly difficult of late. Think you are right Dee, unfortunately all good things come to an end, but I reckon we had the best of times (in many many ways). Wishing you all the best.

Close the Gate Date: Wed, 24 May 13:48
Author: Default User IconPassiflora Location: Warwickshire Profile
Sorry to see you go Dee hope you look in now and then.xxx

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