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 two cyclones Myra - Fri, 14 Apr 02:46
two cyclones Egbert Dewhurst - Mon, 17 Apr 18:59
two cyclones Myra - Tue, 18 Apr 21:13
two cyclones Egbert Dewhurst - Thu, 20 Apr 20:54
two cyclones Dee - Sat, 22 Apr 15:05
two cyclones Kate Parkin - Tue, 18 Apr 11:45

two cyclones Date: Fri, 14 Apr 02:46
Author: Custom IconMyra Location: Native Garden, New Zealand Profile
You may have heard of the floods and damage from Cyclone Debbie and a week later Cyclone Cook. which hit North Island and now into South Island With winds and torrential rains.

Devastating where they hit. but when I live we only had heavy rains for a week, and no other damage.

two cyclones Date: Mon, 17 Apr 18:59
Author: Default User IconEgbert Dewhurst Location: Dalesbury Profile
'Where' not 'when'. For Heavens sake woman......

two cyclones Date: Tue, 18 Apr 11:45
Author: Default User IconKate Parkin Location: Dalton In Furness Profile
sorry to hear that Myra, pleased that you are ok.

two cyclones Date: Tue, 18 Apr 21:13
Author: Custom IconMyra Location: New Zealand Profile
Well Egbert,Thanks for you comment... As I am over 80 years old and a VIP (Visually Impaired Person) and this site was not working properly so I was unable to go back and edit it.. I reckon I'm doing pretty well, emoticon emoticon

two cyclones Date: Thu, 20 Apr 20:54
Author: Default User IconEgbert Dewhurst Location: Dalesbury Profile
My apologies Myra.

two cyclones Date: Sat, 22 Apr 15:05
Author: Default User IconDee Location: The Secret Garden Profile
Hi Myra ... Glad to read that you are all right ... saw the reports on television and the damage looked traumatic ...

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