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 Poison for cats Egbert Dewhurst - Tue, 4 Apr 20:04
Poison for cats Dee - Sat, 22 Apr 14:44

Poison for cats Date: Tue, 4 Apr 20:04
Author: Default User IconEgbert Dewhurst Location: Dalesbury Profile
Does anyone know the best kind of poison to put down in my garden to stop next door's cat from trampling all over my flowers? The ruddy thing keeps coming into my garden, walking all over my plants and papping out of its bum all over my grass.

Poison for cats Date: Sat, 22 Apr 14:44
Author: Default User IconDee Location: The Secret Garden Profile
Somebody asked this provocative question once before ... I don't think it was in the name of Egbert Dewhurst ...but I am almost sure the location was Dalesbury ... (which I can't find on Google search)..

Those Dalesbury cats must be proper pesky pets ...

If you don't want cats in your garden ... perhaps having a dog would be the answer ...

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