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 Ogg memories Paulien - Fri, 28 Oct 22:02
Ogg memories Madge - Sat, 29 Oct 09:40
Ogg memories Paulien - Mon, 31 Oct 23:17

Ogg memories Date: Fri, 28 Oct 22:02
Author: Custom IconPaulien Location: The Netherlands Profile
I can't seem to reply to some topics.. so i posted this one to answer Madge's post.
I've not been here much, these last years. I now have 3 little children and i'm very busy with them.
But I have sooooo many warm, lovely an fun memories of this site. I never met an Oggie in person, but i'm still in touch with a few of you.

I have had many lovely chat's in the chatroom with soo many of you. The quiz i once held.
I remember chatting with Dennis about most everything and of course Hide Hall.
The there was Den in Scotland, also a great chat host!
Both passed away sadly enough, but the memory of them stays.

A fun moment was singing the Christmas Wonderland song with a few Oggies!

And off course The Secret Santa presents, I had such a great time organizing that (with the great help of Clive off course).

The many, many great photo's you all posted in the album, and the photo contest.

I really hope this site will stay for many, many years to come and i thank Clive and Helen for all they have done and still do for this site!!!!emoticon

Ogg memories Date: Sat, 29 Oct 09:40
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire Profile
Hi Paulien! emoticon It is good to hear from you and to get reminders of our happy, friendly times. I remember you starting Secret Santa and I still have those gifts around my home. And your chat evenings were very popular. I am in regular contact with GillNZ but sadly no-one else. Anne became disabled after a knee operation and Olive died. Some of us are much older and less active - I am 84 in March. I still do some container gardening on the patio but my gardeners do the rest. Cagney and Lucy died but I now have Lucy, a much bigger version of black Cleo. My eldest granddaughter Gemma, who was an early Oggie, is now an MA and works for a charity campaigning to improve the National Parks so is gardening on a bigger scaleemoticon

Keep well and happy xx

Ogg memories Date: Mon, 31 Oct 23:17
Author: Custom IconPaulien Location: The Netherlands Profile
Great to hear you are still gardening and active on the site. Sad to hear that Olive died, She was such a lovely lady and even came to chat occasionally!
I read some posts and it made me realize 10 yrs, a decade, a long time you should say, but time really flies. Still so much has happened since.
You must be so proud of your granddaughter! I now have 3 children, they are 4, 5 and 6 yrs old.
Madge thank you for your response, i try to come here more often. Wishing you all the best, take care!

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