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 Memories of OGG Madge - Mon, 18 Jul 17:12

Memories of OGG Date: Mon, 18 Jul 17:12
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Now that OGG is being sold, perhaps we could have a nostalgia trip and post our memories of OGG over the years?

I remember our Meeting at the Birmingham Flower Show when Clive and Helen and ???? turned out for a jolly get-together.

I remember our virtual parties in the Chat Room hosted by Ali and Paulien.

I remember getting my first digital camera and learning how to use it from numerous OGGies.

I remember the time when we were watching a bluetit nesting via a webcam when an OGGie posted something about blue tits and suddenly OGG got 2000+ hits!!

I remember our Impy the Hedgehog long running story-saga, to which many OGGies contributed words and images.

I remember our fund raising activities with T-shirts, frig magnets and badges.

But most of all I remember the many friends I have made here, quite a few of whom I have met, wearing one of my famous red hats.emoticon

What do other OGGies remember?

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