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 Artificial lawns threaten wildlife. Madge - Mon, 4 Jul 10:14
Artificial lawns threaten wildlife. Impy - Mon, 4 Jul 20:44
Artificial lawns threaten wildlife. KathrynP - Tue, 5 Jul 11:02
Artificial lawns threaten wildlife. Nonni - Mon, 11 Jul 21:39

Artificial lawns threaten wildlife. Date: Mon, 4 Jul 10:14
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Growth in artificial lawns poses threat to British wildlife, conservationists warn


Do any OGGies have an artificial lawn or do they not appeal to gardeners?

Artificial lawns threaten wildlife. Date: Mon, 4 Jul 20:44
Author: Custom IconImpy Location: The Garden of England Profile
No artificial lawns in our garden, I prefer to see the real thing. A couple of elderly neighbours have replaced their real grass lawns with artificial ones this summer.

Artificial lawns threaten wildlife. Date: Tue, 5 Jul 11:02
Author: Custom IconKathrynP Location: South Cumbria Profile
we don't have an lawns but I have read that they can pose a possible health problem to adults. We had a lovely surprise last night - after about 3 years- we had a hedgehog in our garden - snuffling about and possibly eating our small frogs. Made our year, we couldn't stop smiling.

Artificial lawns threaten wildlife. Date: Mon, 11 Jul 21:39
Author: Custom IconNonni Location: The Secret Garden Profile
No artificial lawns here! emoticon
We now have a regular hedgehog who is quite big. It was interesting to see how our Cavaliers reacted to him/her. emoticon
A few nights ago when we were checking our cameras for hedgie, a bat flew across our patio so I am delighted that perhaps our little wilderness is producing some results! emoticon There used to be quite a number of bats beyond our back garden but this one was right up close.

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