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 re: End of an era post Lisa58 - Mon, 27 Jun 14:40
re: End of an era post Madge - Mon, 27 Jun 15:10
re: End of an era post Nonni - Mon, 11 Jul 21:09
re: End of an era post Paulien - Fri, 28 Oct 22:15

re: End of an era post Date: Mon, 27 Jun 14:40
Author: Custom IconLisa58 Location: Pennsylvania Profile
Hi folks! I do come on here now and then to read posts and check out some pictures, but it's been so long since I've updated anything that I've forgotten my password , etc, so it wouldn't allow me to post onto Clive's original post of "End of an era." I, too, would like to echo everyone else's sentiments that this has been a wonderful website due largely to Clive and Helen's hard work (and handiwork!). I remember going through all the photographs of flowers and learning so much it made my head spin! Chatting with such well-versed gardeners as yourselves on weekly Live Chats was the highlight of my week! I would inhale my dinner and run to the computer with a large tablet and pen to write down any plant information passed on to me by more experienced gardeners. It's the sharing of such information that we learn. I'm doing that now with younger gardeners in my club near my house. Not having the time to be on a website often is the only downside to OGG. I don't own a smartphone, but I am on Facebook. I'm not home much, and when I am, I'm out in the garden or doing house chores. I have told many people about your website. It came up when Paulien wished me a Happy Birthday in May on Facebook and a local friend said to me- Wow- you have friends from all over the place- Paulien lives in the Netherlands! I took that opportunity on Facebook to tell everyone how I met Paulien and listed the website which popped up and anyone could just click on it and look around and enjoy themselves. I've learned a lot from this website, and I have a lot to thank everyone who ever posted on here. Clive/Helen- I wish you a wonderful retirement my friend! All my best~~ Lisa Lindquist / Lisa58 emoticon

re: End of an era post Date: Mon, 27 Jun 15:10
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
Grear to hear from you Lisa! I remember all our evening chats and virtual online parties too. Greart fun, great days! Big Hugs xx

re: End of an era post Date: Mon, 11 Jul 21:09
Author: Custom IconNonni Location: The Secret Garden Profile
Thank you Clive and all who were involved with the site over the years. I have thoroughly enjoyed being an Oggie and getting to know and speak with others from across the world.
Best Wishes,

re: End of an era post Date: Fri, 28 Oct 22:15
Author: Custom IconPaulien Location: The Netherlands Profile
It certainly was a lot of fun being here! Soo many lovely memories! I now posted some to reply to the post of Madge. It's lovely to have some OGGies now on Facebook. And it's really great to have met such lovely gardening people from all over the world on this site!

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