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 Frogs Allison - Mon, 20 Jun 23:49
Frogs Madge - Tue, 21 Jun 06:20

Frogs Date: Mon, 20 Jun 23:49
Author: Default User IconAllison Location: Dundee Angus Profile
I took a large bucket of water and plants from my pond in March and placed some frog spawn in it...I have watched the tadpoles grow, their back legs and now their front legs, but they still have their tails....I want to return them to my pond before they lose their tails, so if they survive they will come back to my pond next year,but I do have rather large Koi in my pond...will the Koi eat them ? and am I better to leave them in the tub....?...I have noticed one tadpole /frog at the same stage living in my pond...my pond is about 5 feet deep at the deepest, and about 8 feet in diameter....I dont want to lose them now!

Frogs Date: Tue, 21 Jun 06:20
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
According to these two posts on the internet koi do eat frogs and frogs can damage koi:



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