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 How many apples? Penny Plank - Thu, 5 May 09:09
How many apples? Madge - Thu, 5 May 09:55

How many apples? Date: Thu, 5 May 09:09
Author: Default User IconPenny Plank Location: Leicester Profile
I am looking at buying some apple trees and I have found a duo apple tree.

I know it will take a few years before I get apples from it. But, how many apples will I get. If I wanted an apple a day, how many trees would i need?

The trees are on here:


How many apples? Date: Thu, 5 May 09:55
Author: Custom IconMadge Location: Hertfordshire UK Profile
How long is a piece of string? The yield will depend on the weather and your soil Penny! To get one apple a day you would need an orchard of this variety and would be better growing a conventional 1 variety tree.

I have a similar tree and get approx 20 apples from it in a good year. To get bigger apples I remove some early blossom. Bluetits also peck at the blossom and reduce the yield.

To get apples all year round you need several different varieties which fruit in different months otherwise you will have to store them. Some different varieties and their seasons are shown on this website which also tells you about the M27 rootstock - trees which grow upright and are suitable for small gardens:



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